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Whether you prefer to study alone or in a virtual classroom, our expert teachers trained in online learning have the solutions for you to easily learn the language of your choice.

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Tutor Online

With TUTOR, by Active Languages in partnership with the global leader in online language learning, you will have access to our powerful self-learning portal at an affordable price. Learning English has never been more efficient and economical.

CHF 420

Coach Online

If you need your own personal English language teacher to monitor you and give you specific exercises to accelerate your learning so you feel more comfortable at work and in your personal life, then the COACH blend is for you.

CHF 780


With LIVE you will get access to LIVE virtual English language training with a certified native English trainer, your own personal coach who will regularly correspond with you to guide you every step of the way and award-winning online course-ware from the global leader in online language learning.

CHF 970


If you are an entrepreneur or a person who attaches great importance to highly concentrated language training by qualified instructors who will target your lessons according to your time and your goals, then 1 to 1 will satisfy even the most demanding individual.

CHF 1290

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Included in all online blends

  • In-depth online English language test Free
  • 24/7 access to the platform and your English exercises
  • Over 30,000 interactive English exercises
  • 3 online language centers for Business English, pronunciation and grammar
  • Video articles from The Financial Times to expand the language you are learning