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Our certified, mother-tongue French teachers have the skills to help you easily learn whatever language you are interested in learning. With just a simple click of the mouse your personal coach will guide you each step of the way.

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With TUTOR, you will get access to our award-winning French language training at a reasonable price.

CHF 420


Our COACH blend gives you your own personal, certified, native French language teacher that follows your progress and assigns you targeted tasks and exercises. Your learning is faster and more efficient and you will see an immediate effect in your business and personal life.

CHF 780


Get the best of all worlds with our LIVE blend. Not only will you get our award-winning French language course-ware, accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device, but you will get live access to one of our certified mother-tongue, French trainers and your own personal French language coach who will be there to lead you each step of your learning journey.

CHF 970


1-TO-1 will satisfy the demands of even the most exacting professional. This course gives you very precise and efficient language training by your own dedicated, certified, French language instructor who will plan your lessons to fit with your time availability and goals.

CHF 1290

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Included in all online blends

  • In-depth online French language test Free
  • 24/7 access to the platform and your French exercises
  • Over 30,000 interactive French language exercises
  • 3 online language centers for Business French, pronunciation and grammar
  • Online French cultural magazine articles to expand the language you are learning