Hybrid Virtual
Language learning that doesn’t “feel” virtual.

Learning a language doesn’t need to be computer-driven and boring. It should be a seamless, enjoyable, and socially rewarding experience.

And now that everyone has gone virtual, staring into the laptop for yet another session doesn’t inspire engagement.

That’s why we’ve created hybrid virtual learning that seeks to erase the barriers of distance learning.

In our Hybrid Virtual sessions, your company can still enjoy face-to-face-like learning experiences. Our classes at your company are composed of your colleagues working from home and onsite, in an environment that we create that doesn’t feel virtual.

By using technology that eliminates the need for students to use laptops in the classroom we create a natural and engaging experience. As the conversation passes from person to person, between the classroom and online, the intelligent AI camera follows and highlights the speaker on the big screen for seamless conversation exchanges.

Whether you are looking for onsite language training or award-winning online courses with live, certified teachers, we bring you an engaging experience that motivates.

And we are GLOCAL, supporting local Swiss-based companies and their global workforce, helping them to improve cross-border communications among their global teams and with their clients.

Embrace location independence and see what hybrid virtual learning can do for the motivation and communication of your teams.

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    Go with the Flow

    Improve content and flow control for a natural and pleasant experience

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    Turn disconnected learning sessions into hybrid learning moments that encourage socially distanced FLOW

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    Experience distance learning that doesn’t feel virtual.

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    Get the most out of each session by maximising engagement and language skills acquisition