Learning a new language is personal, and everyone does it in their own style and pace. The expert teachers at Active Languages understand this and motivate their students by adapting the lessons to meet each individual’s need, helping students to reach their personal objectives from beginning to end.

Are you eager to reach a certain goal within a short period of time? Or do you want to improve your fluency with a specific language? At Active Languages, we are sure to provide you with the best solution for whatever your needs and budget are.


Are you looking for a top language school in Geneva with expert teachers that understand, adapt, care about the way you learn, and reach your objectives? Do you need to increase your learning speed of a certain language? Interested in learning from the best? Then search no more: our personal coaches are exactly what you’ve been looking for. One-To-One coaching, personalized to your learning style, is the fastest way to reach your target. It’s just you and your teacher.


Do you prefer to learn in a micro group with others who share your motivation, have the same level and learning style as you do? Need to improve your languages skills quickly? If being trained by professionals who care, and take a genuine interest in your distinctive learning style and path is what you are looking for, then we’re sure that Active languages will exceed your expectations.


Embark on the fast lane to verbal fluency with our French Conversation Course. This is a dynamic and interactive course is with other motivated learners who share your goals and language level.

Not only will you be trained by caring, motivated and supportive coaches, but at Active Languages, you also speak and interact with others on a large variety of interesting topics, unlike any other school.