Language learning is personal. Each of us has our own way. At Active Languages, your teacher understands this and adapt the lessons so that you are motivated and make steady progress from start to finish.

Do you need to reach a certain goal by a specific date? Or is it important for you to achieve fluency on specific language skills? Whatever your needs and budget are, we are sure that we have the best solution for you!


Do you need to accelerate your language learning? Are you looking for a top language school in Geneva with professional teachers that understand, care and can adapt to your learning style and goals? Do you want to have the best? Look no further. One-To-One coaching is what you’ve been waiting for. There is nothing faster to get you to your goal than our personalised, individual course with just you and your teacher.


Do you need to progress FAST? Do you value learning in a micro group with others who have the same level, objectives and style of learning? If it interests you to be coached and guided by motivating teachers that take a real and active interest in your unique learning path then your expectations will be exceeded by Active Languages.


Take the fast-track to speaking fluency with our English Conversation Course. Dynamic and interactive, this speaking course is other motivated learners of the same level who share your goals.

At Active Languages, you will not only be motivated, supported and coached by a caring professional teacher, but you will speak and interact more than with any other school and on a large variety of interesting topics.